Mercedes GLE 350

Mercedes GLE 350

The Mercedes GLE is a real mastodon, with muscular, sports side aesthetics that disguise its large dimensions so well, the Mercedes GLE has automatic transmission and 4MATIC all-wheel drive as standard.

Its features are remarkable, especially the technology related to safety, with the latest advances in semi-autonomous driving, automatic parking, LED matrix lighting technology and active and passive protection systems for its occupants.

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350 cv


6.2 s


5 personas


Marca Mercedes-Benz
Tipo SUV
Aceleración 6.2 s
Transmisión Automático

What is the car like

Rent a Mercedes GLE 350

  • Enjoy an exclusive vehicle as if it were your own in the location of your choice.
  • Even if you already own a luxury sports car, you can complement it with one from our extensive fleet.
  • Our vehicles are up-to-date, maintained and serviced by our team of experienced mechanics.
  • You will be able to give a distinctive touch to your date, event or company meeting.
  • You can gift your partner an unforgettable experience in the car of their dreams.

The Mercedes GLE is an elegant SUV despite its massive proportions. It is comfortable to travel in but also ideal for off-road driving.

Rental conditions

  • Disponer de permiso B de conducir vigente o permiso internacional
  • Disponer del pasaporte o DNI/NIE/ID (documento de identidad) en vigor.
  • El conductor debe tener como mínimo 23 años de edad.
  • Firmar contrato de alquiler antes de la recogida del vehículo.
  • Pago íntegro del alquiler y del depósito antes de la recogida del vehículo.
  • si fuera necesario.
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